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A versatile North American, neutral accent voice bringing words on a page to life

Commercial Reel
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Febreeze - Fun, Light, Engaging
Lurpak - Playful, Positive, Cheery
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TriVaGo - Upbeat, Energetic, Amusing


Mercedes - Smooth, Luxurious, Rich
TV Promo - Mysterious, Sultry, Cool

Trustworthy, Rich, Eloquent 


Warm, Clear Tones, Natural

Kari Macko is an American female voice artist that has a naturally engaging voice that is used on a variety of projects globally. Born and raised in upstate New York, she now lives in London, England where she works as a voice artist. 

Kari is conveniently located to London based studios and also has the ability to produce voiceovers from her own professional home studio for any work requiring a quick turn around time or for any location anywhere in the world. 

In addition to voiceover skills such as Dubbing and Production Editing,  Kari is also a trained professional in other services; Copywriting & Proof Reading, Graphic/Web/App Design

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